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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Are Ya There God? It's Me, Sarah

Are Ya There God? It's Me, Sarah
Dear God,

Gosh, I am just so honored to be here with you, in all your power, and wisdom over all of us...and I want to thank you for your love of America and our values, which we all, Americans, obtain from you, oh Lord.

As you know, Dear God, we Americans and others around the world face trying and terrible times before us. Now more than any time in our history do we need your divine guidance.  Ever since the attacks of September 11th, 2001, we were challenged beyond what anyone has had to face in the history of our great country. And you have shown us the way.  You helped to guide our then-President Bush to...well, to make the right decisions, even though we may not have fully understood what you had planned for us. But we believe in you, and we trust you, and we love you, so we let you lead the way. And you did, Lord, you did! You gave us one affirmation after another that we were on the right track; too many for me to list right now! But you gave us purpose, and you gave America and Americans the strength to stand up for our values and for freedom.

But you threw us kind of a curve ball when you elected our next President and Vice President for our great land. I gotta tell ya, I was a little confused at first with your call for me to run for Vice President, particularly because I didn't know what the heck a VP did! But as always, I answered your call. And boy, did I get more than I bargained for! I stayed consistent with your words to me, even through the malicious attacks of the liberal "lamestream" media machine...! It was your guidance, Lord, that gave me the direction I needed for this calling in my life-- when I tried to...forget convention and just move forward the way that you would expect me to move! And now, after leaving my Governor's position in Alaska 2 years early, I was able to fulfill the beginning of the process of my true work to speak for American values-- true Conservative and American values that you have bestowed among us, God-- and we thank you every day for that!

What I've rilly wanted to say to you, oh Lord  God, is that I want to reach out to you and talk to you about what people have been saying about me recently, that...well, you know, it's not the kinda thing that I expect you to trouble yourself with, but I gotta just tell ya about what these liberals-- again with the liberals and their smear tactics in the media, I gotta tell ya what they've been saying about things I said about me in reference to you. You may have read somewhere in the New York Times, or the Daily Kos, or one of those places, that I compared myself to you. Now of course, God, Oh Lord Almighty, that I would never, ever compare myself to you! You see, the far-left in this country have made such a big dill out of my writing notes on my hand when I gave a speech a few weeks ago. Now, I don't hafta get into why I did it-- you know why I did it! It was just a thing that the mainstream media uses to skirt important issues that are important to Americans all over the country today. So I don't need to go into that, you know why! But I merely quoted your divine words, Lord, from Isaiah 49:16...and you know what that said. I'm not in any way comparing myself to you! I was merely pointing out that you as God and l'il 'ol me have one thing in common. Just one thing, that's all! I mean, you're the Almighty God, and I was only made in your image, like all of your children! I am sure that all of us can look down and see a bit of your divine grace in ourselves.  The fact of the matter is, I did not have to use a fancy teleprompter to speak to my people! I like to think that I work well with my hands-- get my hands dirty, and rilly get down in there, in the dirt and the grime, so that we can do the good work for the American people!

I just want to close this letter by saying Thank You God. Thank you for all you have given us, and thank you for making this country of ours so great, and it's people so deserving of everything that we work so hard for! And I ask you to please give us the strength that we need to win back our position in government, so that we can shrink government and put our country back on the right track, to lessen spending and big government sweet-heart dills that come out of the pockets of tax payers-- hard working tax payers that aren't as privlaged and advantaged as members in Congress that seem to think that it's okay to pad their pockets with their hard-earned money. With your guidance, I will lend my power and my voice to spreading the word of liberty, freedom, and Conservative policy and values that will make America great again.

Thank you God!

With Great Love and Admiration,

Sarah Louise Heath Palin

Dear Sarah:

Thanks for your interest. Keep the Faith.


This article was written by me, and originally published at NowPublic.

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