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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Worst Earthquake in 200 years Hits Haiti

Awful. Just plain awful.

On Tuesday, January 12th at 4:53pm, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck the Port-Au-Prince region of Haiti. The quake hit just before nightfall...could you imagine how horrifying that must have been to deal with all of that devastation in complete darkness?

This is a clip released by the Red Cross just 4-5 hours after the quake:

And this is video from the aftermath:

Here is President Obama:

This is Wyclef Jean, whose family is from Haiti:

In related news, religious piece-of-shit Pat Robertson said that this earthquake happened to the Haitians because they are cursed due to a pact they made with the devil to get rid of the French. "True story," he says:

Aside from this asshole's comments about being devil-appeasers, he is right in that these people need our help. USA Today has a great page to guide those who want to offer help. In a shite economy, some of us can barely help ourselves, much less help other people. So, at the very least, we can wish and hope these people well, and encourage our politicians and those WITH money to help as much as they can.

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