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Friday, January 8, 2010

Whitey Knows Best

I, for one, am glad that we still have white men out there to tell us who we (Black folks) are as a people.

According to Glenn Beck, we (African Americans) don't exist. He says that the name "African American" is nothing more than a PC catch phrase, not a race of people. Well, he can explain it better than I can:

We've entered an interesting phase in America. There are a certain group of whites in the country who are becoming more and more paranoid about Blacks-- more so than at any point in our history. To put it into perspective, Blacks had to be demonized and demoralized to justify their enslavement in America. Not all whites were FOR slavery-- hell, if it wasn't for the Whites that took part in the Underground Railroad and Civil Rights, there would STILL be slavery in America. But in order to make it "OK" to have African Slaves, their intelligence and worth had to be reduced to the lowest form possible. "We took these people from the jungles, and gave them food and shelter, and a purpose!" is the argument that was used. And in that enslavement came maltreatment, degradation, and murder. Sure, there were White slaves in America...but they were called "endentured servants", and were treated MUCH BETTER than the Africans because; even though they were enslaved, they were still White.

Flash forward hundreds of years later. A LOT has changed in America, definitely for the better. Are there still racists out there? You bet. Hell, I went to a predominately white high school (back in the late 80s) and heard the word "nigger" every other day. And it wasn't that I thought that ALL WHITES are racist. But to deny that there is absolutely NO MORE RACISM whatsoever is just silly. Hundreds of  years of social conditioning are not going to be wiped out over night. This was a country that actually sold these products in stores:




So, unfortunately, Black folks may be a little wary of White attitudes. When you're told by your parents and grandparents of the CRAZY SHIT that they used to go through (my mother could only go to the rollerskating rink on Sundays, when it was "blacks only"), that is something that never really escapes you. So sometimes, White folks are presumed "racist" until proven otherwise. I'm not saying that's right...that's just the way it is sometimes.

And now, we have President Barrack Obama-- and we live in a "Post-Racial America"!!

Racism in America is strictly a White issue. Period. So when guys like Glenn Beck tell you that the reason he doesn't have any Black friends is because he's afraid of saying something "the wrong way" around them...he is projecting his problems onto others, like the other Whites who have this uncontrollable hatred. It would take way too much energy for him to examine his own issues to figure out why he thinks/feels this way. He certainly won't take it upon himself to actually try resolve these issues. And why should he? More importantly, who cares if he does? I don't know anyone, Black or White, trying to befriend Glenn Beck.

As far as this issue is concerned, there are two types of White people: Whites that are offended and/or horrified by the mere presence of Black people, and Whites that laugh at the Whites that are offended and/or horrified by the mere presence of Black people.  And since I only know people in the later group, I really have no issues at all with the first group. They are intellectually deficient and emotionally immature. And attack them would be comparable to beating a crippled animal.

I, for one, knew that the election of the first Black president was going to bring the ire of the "Coward-casian" class. And that's okay-- in fact, I think it's great.  Because we have been inching further and further away from the ignorance that continues to hold this country back socially and economically. It's good for all of "us" that "those people" are floating up to the surface. That way, we can skim the top and truly live up to our potential as a great nation.

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Deepa said...

Charles, I am glad that you can be positive!There is the documented group of students called the Millenial Generation (who graduated around 2000) and have generalized traits that include believing that racism does not exist anymore. These are the students that will be advising undergraduate students and writing academic papers (as they achieve pHDs in order to teach) in the near future! I am very concerned and have no answers.