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Sunday, January 10, 2010

"The Third & The Seventh"

If you have 12 minutes to spare (or three, I'll get to that later), I highly recommend a short animated film that made my jaw dangle more than a few times. It's amazing what you can do with software that's available to almost everyone (the entire thing is CGI):

Alex Roman is the pseudonym used by filmmaker and architectural visualist  Jorge Seva. He trained as a visual effects artist in Spain, and moved over to what he calls "the VIZ" (read an interview over at Motionographer).

This guy practically made this film by himself. It's really incredible to look at-- it seems as if these things actually exist in the real world. The camerawork, rack focusing, lighting, editing-- it's so hard to believe that these things are nothing but 1s and 0s.

And if you only have 3-4 minutes to spare, check this out:

And, if you're a geek like me (and you probably are, reading this...), he has a 15 minute "making of" tutorial. It's silent, but that's okay-- it's the international language of geek.

With work like this, and that guy that got a $30 million dollar movie deal for his $500 short film, it just goes to show you what can be done right on your home computer. Thanks, Francis!

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