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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Snooki: Television's New Break-Out Star

Who'da t'ought dat some chick gettin' punched in da face would be the new dahling of da TV-pic-chass?

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi has become a television phenomena. She's everywhere now! I mean yeah, you've got that Pauly D hair care video that was floating around, but when you have people with discerning tastes saying "You know, I like that girl Snooki"...well, that's a phenom fer ya ass, kid!

My first episode of Jersey Shore was the one where she got punched in the face by that drunken frat boy douche bag (who turned out being an New York City gym teacher named Brad Ferro). And I'll tell you, I mean aside from the fact that a woman was punched in the face, I really felt bad for her. In the episode, she is seen as the wallflower of the group. A few hours before the incident, there's a very cute sequence of Snooki spending the day with her mom, who she calls her "best friend". It was very touching and very nice. When the group goes out to a bar later that night, her roommates remark how she seems to be coming out of her shell a bit-- that she was loosening up, and finally having a good time. Then this happens:

What a piece of shit, huh? He claims that he does not remember throwing the punch. Really? Look, most of us have been super drunk in the past...but you have to have something like that in  you in first place. NO AMOUNT OF ALCOHOL will just "make you" do something. But I digress...

Since then, Snooki has gained the adoration of millions of people-- she's the true break-out star of what is considered to be a controversial,  highly offensive show. Now, this little girl is showing up everywhere:

Here she is on Wendy Williams' show....

Granted, she's no Susan Boyle, but this young lady will be around for a while. And at $2000 per appearance, it may be a bargain....until she gets as famous as Kim Kardashian.

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