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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sarah's Big Debut

Well, it's happened-- Sarah Palin's first appearance as a "contributor" to Fox News. And where does she appear? On the O'Reilly Factor. How'd she do?

Bill "Orally" is such a tool. The ass-kissing is quite incredible. Not only just the ass-kissing, but the choice of words used to criticize Palin's critics, most notably the word "threatened". I can't think of one person that is threatened by Sarah Palin. People aren't quivering in fear of her-- they are LAUGHING at her. Every time that woman opens her mouth, she says something uninformed, ignorant, and just plain stupid. O'Reily lists her qualifications as a "former Governor of Alaska, a mom, and an American." Gee, other than that first one, my mother could have Palin's job; and she is FAR MORE INTELLIGENT that the beauty queen-turned sportscaster-turned local politician.

Some of my favorite highlights:
1) Harry Reid: Wow, these comments are by far the most incredible. She says that she doesn't believe that Obama's skin color had any bearing on the American people's decisions for who they wanted to be president. Jaw in lap. Maybe she never went to any of her rallies.

2) Iran: According to Ms. Palin, the time for sanctions is over (bomb-bomb-bomb...bomb-bomb Iran). But when pressed by "O-really" about attacking Iran..."we need to stick to those sanctions."

3) "Game Change" book allegations: For example, when it's said that she does not know the difference between North Korea and South Korea, she says that's a lie. And Bill O'Reilly knows well enough not to follow up with "Just so these 'pinheads' know, what IS the difference between North and South Korea?" Ya know why? 'cause SHE DOESN'T KNOW. And that gave her the perfect chance to say "Read my book" for the truth.

4) The Teabaggers: She will be the keynote speaker at the Tea Party something or other coming up soon. Sigh.

Well, as soft-ball interviews go, this was one of the soft-balliest. Was anyone really convinced that she was going to be challenged? Or that she would say anything intelligent? Well, I think if one thing can be said about this appearance, is that we won't have to wait for poorly-typed Facebook responses to find out what this vapid simpleton has to say. Hey, we'll all be better off, since gigs like 60 Minutes are "so over!" (watch the video for that little nugget as well!).

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