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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Pay No Attention to That Coward Behind the Mic!

Republican or Democrat, there's always room for class and decorum. Unfortunately, there's no room for Rush Limbaugh to squeeze his bloated cheeks into. I should apologize for making a fat joke-- it's a pretty easy thing to do. But I believe this fat sack of turd's latest comments justifies it.

Now, the racial stuff doesn't bother me. Whenever anyone speaks on something they know absolutely nothing about, they sound stupid. And Limbaugh knows nothing of Black folks, other than what undereducated White folks think they know. What pisses me off a bit is the fact that there are a nation of people dying in one of the worse natural disasters we've seen in a LONG time, and this fat f**k brings politics into it?! Are you kidding me?!

I know there are a lot of brainless, cowardly White folks out there (Rush and his ilk) that want nothing more than this "Island of Niggers" to sink. That's doing nothing more than showcasing their lack of imagination and intelligence. And it also makes this country look REALLY bad. With all of this so-called national pride that Right Wing morons like this LOVE to talk about, they are doing nothing to show ANYONE anything other than their racial pride; and I feel sorry for the rest of the White folks that have to try to separate themselves from the rest of this herd of lunatics.

Could you imagine if Rush Limbaugh said what he said in a room full of people? They'd drag his fat ass out onto the street and sticks forks into his body until he bursts. That's why he gets away with most of the crap he says. The ONLY forum he has is that golden dick that dangles in front of his mouth every day, and the 20 million ear holes he f*ks regularly.

Why anyone would think this is funny or cute is beyond me. I mean, every once-in-a-while even Rush Limbaugh has to take his head out of his ass for oxygen. Doesn't he? Sigh.

If you want to help, but don't know how, Huffington Post has a great page you should see.

And to Rush and Pat (Robertson), how's about a quick history lesson. You know, to help put your moronic comments into perspective:

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