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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

"My Spidey Sense is Tanking...."

It took YEARS and YEARS for a proper version of Spiderman to hit the big screen (James Cameron had even been in the running to direct back in the 80s). And with Sam Raimi at the reins, it turned out to be a HUGE hit! People liked the first film, LOVED the second film (eh...), and HATED the third (garbage). And then came news of a Spiderman musical on Broadway....'cause that's exactly what the franchise needed. But now...the web has broken.

Julie Taymors Broadway adaptation, "Spiderman Turn Off the Dark" (what the f**k does that even mean?!), with music by Bono and The Edge, has been postponed to "later on this year", due to budget problems. This was announced only a day after Columbia Pictures broke the news that Raimi and Tobey McGuire would not be back for Spiderman 4. And with scenes like this, it's easy to see why:

Sigh. How could you take a character with literally HUNDREDS of storylines to choose from, and make something that stupid?! My advise, if there IS going to be a Spiderman 4-- use Spiderman #100:

If you don't know the story, Peter Parker is trying to develop a serum that will  remove his superpowers. He then proceeds to hallucinate and ends up fighting ALL of his enemies one after another (GREAT opportunity to work in a bunch of different villains). Then, as the cliff hanger, the serum ends up giving Parker four more arms, turning him into a REAL spider man. It's not a dream or anything-- he really does have 6 arms. And then, the fun begins.

But hey, they had a good run. And ten-fifteen years from now, someone else will make Spider Man films, and make another generation of kids happy. Until then, we have our memories:

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