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Friday, January 15, 2010

Fox News' Shepard Smith and Steve Harrigan Cover Haiti

Most people have come to know Fox News as an exploitative, unbalanced, anti-intellectual entity.  But then you see something like this, and it makes you think that sometimes-- SOMETIMES, there are people over there that are human. This moved me:

In more positive news, Huffington Post reports that Americans have contributed $8 million dollars via text messaging to help Haiti. Learn how you can help here.

I'll tell you, I haven't felt this helpless and this sick since watching New Orleans after Katrina. You see all that suffering, all those people dying, and you just want to jump through the TV and help those people. What's worse is know that the earthquake did such horrible damage that they can't even get supplies to these people in a timely fashion. What's even worse than that...they're using dead bodies as road blocks.  It's so heartbreaking to see all of this.

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