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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Down With Brown

I had to give myself a little bit of time before I could comment on what happened in Massachussets on Tuesday. What with the Democrats imploding, and the Republicans climaxing, it's been kinda difficult to think. But now, after a little bit of time has passed, I'd like to talk about what all this stuff could really mean.

Now, I'm no big-time journalist, or DC insider, but that hasn't stopped me before from expressing my opinions on political matters. And when it comes to this...this silly silly kinda crazy stupid Tuesday in January, I'd like to say that I believe that all sides of the political spectrum in this matter have about as much perspective as fruit flies.

So Democrats. Democrats, Democrats, Democrats-- what are we going to do with you? You know, I remember during the presidential campaign that a lot of people kept questioning now-President Barry about his approach. They wanted him to be angrier, they wanted him to be more aggressive. But he did his own thing, right up until the end. And, well, we all know the results. I had to acknowledging the fact that this man MUST know what he's doing. In the face of all that criticism, and second-guessing, and Monday-morning quarterbacking, it turned out that he actually knew what he was doing(!). And I don't think that's changed. I STILL think he knows what he's doing. I just think the problem is that he is trying to do it with the wrong people.

Bill Maher had a great quote about Obama-- that he was, basically, Michael Jordan playing with L.A. The Clippers; a superstar on a crappy team. And I see that. I see that with the Health Care bill. I see that with his economic team. And I see that with this Mass. loss. Bottom line, Cloakley was a sh*tty  senator, and did not deserve to win. PERIOD. I just don't buy this "referendum on Obama/Health Care/Economy" crap. She was NO GOOD. And when you are not good at your job, you get fired. So now, President Obama has some tough choices to make. He'll have to clean house a bit. He'll have to start stepping on a few necks to get these bumbling goofballs to shape up their acts. The Democrats have always been weak. They STILL have the majority in the House and Senate, and they're whining and bitching about ONE LOSS. Get over it. Get your sh*t together, and get to work!

And the Republicans. Sigh. Look, I like to see people happy. And no people in the ENTIRE UNIVERSE were as happy as the Republicans were on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. Good for them. You guys found yourselves a D-List celebrity family to flaunt around. After all that negative talk about Obama being NOTHING BUT a guys finally get one. And, of course, now you're accepting of it. Because you won. The only problem is the Republicans are still run by a bunch of ass-backward clowns (no offense to clowns). And I would probably be one myself, were it not for their INSANELY crappy leadership/values. So now, they've co-opted a D-list Trojan Horse member of the Teabagger party. And this is why I am happy.

We've all seen the Teabaggers. We've all heard their arguments. And there is seemingly not a single braincell among them all. But they don't care. They're proud of their pro-religious/anti-intellectual views. Ask a Teabagger a serious question. If they can put down their "Obama is an African" posters long enough, they will answer it with nothing more that double talk and misheard soundbites. These people have Pavlonian responses that come straight from Fox News' false propaganda machine. They so desperately want to be heard...but do not want the "liberal media" to criticize them. Isn't that funny? So QUICK to pass judgement, but completely incapable of receiving it. Well, they wouldn't be able to hear it anyway, because they'll just start screaming stupid sh*t like "BABY KILLER" or "SOCIALIST", or other things that they heard Glenn Beck saying.

It's really difficult to follow politics these days. You've got a bunch of news personalities trying to hold serious debates about important issues in 7-10 minute segments, which usually just end up being a bunch of so-called "experts" reciting soundbites over each other, and NOT LISTENING. Or you have these "reporters" doing softball interviews without really CHALLENGING anyone (if I see ONE MORE softball interview with Rudy Guilliani or Sarah Palin, I'm going to scream). But, unfortunately, politics, and those who report on it, is a business. And we are the consumers suckers stuck with this lot. And, sooner or later, we have to turn American Idol off, and start paying attention to what these idiots are doing to our country. Whether it's the Dems, or the GOP, or the Teabaggers, or the is business.

I think we need some new entrepreneurs, yes?

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