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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Brit Hume to Tiger Woods: Convert!

Leave it to trash like Brit Hume to offer unsolicited PR advise, this time under the guise of religious bigotry. This *sshole actually went on national television and suggested that Tiger Woods convert to Christianity from Buddhism, in order to gain forgiveness from his family, fans, and sponsors:

After this stupidity, he went on Bill O'Reilly's show to clarify. See, this is the problem that I have-- not with religion, but religious people. If you want to spend your time and energy believing in fairy tale and fantasy, knock yourself out-- I would never take that away from anyone. But keep it to yourself. People who belch out their religious beliefs, especially to condemn others, are so quick to cry victim when others tell them to shut the f**k up. Do you know why we tell you to shut the f**k up? Because WE DON'T HAVE TO BELIEVE WHAT YOU BELIEVE. If Brit "on wife 2" Hume is able to live with his infidelity because he believes that some ancient historical figure forgives him, idiotic as that sounds, that is the decision he made so that he could live with himself. And it's obviously worked (maybe)-- good for him. But to tell Tiger that because he's a Buddhist he is incapable of receiving redemption from anyone? Makes me think that maybe I should convert to Buddhism, so I wouldn't have to type things like this: Brit Hume is pompous trash. An arrogant, ignorant, undereducated asshole. Every time I hear that man speak, a brain cell dies. Again, I should not let a withered-old shit like Hume get to me-- it's very unChristinan-Catholoic-Buddhist-Muslim like. But I don't believe in any of those things, so...F**K him.

That's all.

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