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Monday, December 28, 2009

Still Flowin': R.A.E.D., Rap Master In His Own Mind

I wrote about this fellow a week ago in my entry on "Wack Rap". His name is R.A.E.D., or "RAEtothemothafuckinD", as his YouTube ID tells us. And he's the "hotest" rapper coming out of Melbourne, Australia.  He has become quite an internet sensation, with the video for "You Gotta Love This City", off latest album called "Straight Through". And speaking of which, in case you missed it, here it is...and you have to watch it "straight through":

Wow, huh? I know-- you're just speechless. And most people think that this must be a joke. There is just NO WAY that this guy could be serious! He's the Borat/Bruno of Australia! Right?

Courtesy of Yo Melbourne, here is an exclusive interview with R.A.E.D. himself:

He's a rap artist. It's who he is, it's what he is. It's why he was born.

Get ready to howl, Snoop! Don't hate...!

By the way,  if you like what you see, you have to watch "Just Ask Me" and "If It's True". You HAVE to watch!

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