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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Paper Power!

How about THIS fun geeky stuff!

Some scientists recently published research where they claim to have created a battery using ordinary office paper. Using what is essentially a "special ink" consisting of nanotubes, they were able to coat a sheet of paper and power a 40-watt lightbulb for an hour. They were also able to extract a current from a lithium ion batter to power an LED. All with a regular sheet of paper(!).

Imagine that technology working with this experiement going on at Harvard, where a grad student has devised a way to use paper, combined with thermochromic ink (found in mood rings), and create displays with them. Basically, the heat from a power source activates the ink (transparent), making it visible.

Just think about all of those experiments happening now with augmented reality, video-in-print, and e-readers. All of those technologies could employ a primarily paper-based delivery source that would practically eliminate the need for bulky hardware. Your power source AND your display could be paper-based. Imagine how eco-friendly and cheap that could be...

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