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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Palin Couldn't Shine Obama's Shoes...but Not According to Her Cult...!

"This image is an unauthorised alternation of original photograph by Ted Szukalski” linking the words “original photograph by Ted Szukalski” to"

This is what the classless retards known as Sarah Palin supporters think is humorous. This image has been floating around for a few months now. It's recently popped up in the news as a Colorado state worker may be under suspension for emailing this image to colleagues, with the caption "It appears he has found his niche."

It's very funny that the Teabaggers and Palin supporters are so desperate to be taken seriously, but have absolutely no problem passing around shit like this. Or this:


But this comes as no surprise to us, does it? We all know that these people are out here-- most of us know people that believe in this stuff. I mean, it's funny to me because it's so surreal to imagine that people out there put so much time and effort in expressing their hate and exposing their stupidity with all the pride of a 6 year old.

So another shit-smear on the wall for the neanderthal.

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Digital Photo Ted said...

The image shown here is an unauthorised and unlicensed plagiarism of my original, copyrighted photograph, which you can see here
I am an Australian photographer, and the original photograph was a positive story on a man who down on his luck offers shoeshine service to make a leaving instead of begging. This is not a common sight and he may be the only street shoe shine service in the whole of this country.
Sadly, some unscrupulous character altered this image to create the highly controversial plagiarism shown here. This anonymous coward went further and often kept my name and name of my website on the distributed image thus implying I have created this alternation. I have not.
I have stressed on my website I have no interest or opinions on American politics or social issues. However, many people who assumed I was the author of the image have called me racist. I am not.
This post is to distance my name from this plagiarism based on my original photograph and from the views it may portray.
My preference would be that is image is not shown, as it indirectly legitimises plagiarism and without clear captioning and attribution does not distinguish between me as the author of the original photograph and the plagiarist. However, I accept due to social commentary you may want to keep displaying it. In which case I would like to ask you to caption the image using wording to the meaning “This image is an unauthorised alternation of original photograph by Ted Szukalski” linking the words “original photograph by Ted Szukalski” to
Ted Szukalski