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Monday, December 28, 2009

No iPhone web orders in NYC

According to the Consumerist, and confirmed by several other sites, AT&T is not allowing anyone to purchase an iPhone in NYC over their website. The reason? Initially, they were told that the NYC network was way too congested-- in other words, so many NY'ers have iPhones, that the system is now too overcrowded, and AT&T has not been able build new towers fast enough to compensate. Now, however, AT&T is saying that there have been too many fraudulent purchases of the iPhone in they NYC area. Therefore, they have suspended sales on their site-- although the device is still available in their stores, and Apple's store.

Everyone I know that owns an iPhone loves it...for everything other than making calls. I've even seen a few people thrown them across the room in frustration (I shit you not). I never really found a need to shift from Verizon to AT&T just so I can have that phone-- I've heard far too many problems about AT&T's network, and this was before the iPhone. So is this a data congestion issue? Probably. I mean, you can commit credit card fraud in person-- how can that really be a reason to suspend web sales? NYC is the ONLY CITY that commits credit card fraud? Makes no sense to me.  Not that it really matters much to me. I'm happy enough with the iPod Touch and a Wi-fi connection.

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