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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The New Rap: It's Wack

A friend of mine sent me a rap video recently that I...well, I don't quite know what to say about it. So I have to show it:

This is a song called "You Gotta Love This City", from R..A..E..D's second album "Straight Through", from Tripplah Records. I had to ask...who the f**k is "R..A..E..D"? And WTF is "Tripplah Records"? But then I watched the clip. And I didn't care anymore. I mean...the guy is totally off rhythm. And TONE DEAF-- I have NEVER heard a tone deaf rapper in my LIFE!! And let's not forget to mention the lyrics: "Ladies all around me/just another day for me/we don't stop/dese girls is so hot"...poetry. This is just wrong and bad. This guy obviously could afford a Hummer limo rental, and had access to nightclubs and bars...and was able to get those girls to be involved (who looked like they were laughing AT him the whole time). But I don't want to make fun of R..A..E..D.., as if he's the only one out there making "Wack Rap":

How about this kid:

Boostalk is signed with Urban Smoke Records.

Or how about these guys:

That's "dakighist", with "Ho's an Money". HOT.

And, of course, we have the classics. This is RehDog, with "Why Must I Cry":

Last, but CERTAINLY not least, is from the show "Iron Mic", hosted by Marv-o. This is a rap battle, featuring MC Envy, and Mr. Eli Porter. And since Mr. Porter thinks it's okay to make gay jokes, it's okay for you to laugh:

This is the next generation of rap, ladies and gentlemen. What are you gonna do about it? I'll tell you what you're gonna do. You're gonna watch this stuff, and pass it on to your friends, and they'll pass it on, and they'll pass it on. Soon, these videos, and many others like them, will gain MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of views! And the record companies will see this. And they will respond. In the next few years, you'll be watching the MTV Awards, or the Grammy's, and you'll see something like this:

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