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Monday, December 28, 2009

Apple iSlate tablet announced in Jan 2010?

Oooo, all the speculation and rumors! And this is something that I may be a bit excited about...! So, this is the next big thing coming from Apple; a tablet computer that some people say will be called the iSlate, after Apple trademarked the named recently.

Some people are saying that this will be an over-sized iPhone/iPod Touch. Others say it will be a touchscreen Macbook. Apple and mac rumors are an industry in and of themselves, so who the hell knows what this thing will be. I mean sure, Apple has quite a few patents out there:

Multi-touchscreen goodness, compact prettiness...and that's all we know. What about a camera/webcam? No keyboard or mouse needed, I guess. And how powerful will this thing be? Should I finally replace my G4 Titanium Mac Book Pro for this thing? And how long will it be before I can surf the web like Tom Cruise?

He's looking for L.Ron Hubbard wallpapers.

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