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Monday, December 28, 2009

9/11 Did Not Happen on Bush's Watch: Or, One of the Greatest Bullshit Arugments of the Decade

This is old news getting new light in the wake of the recent attempted terrorist attack in Detroit on Christmas Day. This past weekend, Republican political commentator Mary Matalin actually announced on national television that, among other things, the Bush Administration "inherited" 9/11:

Not to pick on Ms. Matalin exclusive, she is not the only one that has her head wedged in the ideological vice of her butt cheeks. Former Bush Administration White House Press Secretary Dana Perino believes that a terrorist attack did not occur AT ALL under the Bush Administration. Not at all?! Then...all of this stuff-- the bad economy, the botched New Orleans response, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, AND 9/11 all  happened under Bill Clinton?

I can't say that I've ever met a person in real life that actually believes any of this crap. I'm not on my knees for Clinton OR Obama...they both have their flaws, that is FOR SURE. But come on. This Bush-is-Holier-than-thou shit has got to stop. It is widely understood that the Bush Administration received several warnings regarding terrorist attacks, including the widely-known August 6th memo.

The truth here, so far as we know at this moment, is that there was an attempted terrorist attack on our soil; one that we were told about on the news, anyway. This happened on the 12th month of President Obama's term. It happened on his watch. And I don't know one SANE person that would argue that. They are now doing whatever they need to do to prevent more of them from happening (the TSA's terror overcompensation aside-- Dumb-asses...).

On the other hand, 9/11 occurred-- as the number 9 implies-- NINE MONTHS into George W. Bush's first term. 9 months, with well-documented warnings. On his watch. Period. There really isn't any need to get into a big discussion or debate on this issue. ANYONE that says that Bush inherited ANYTHING that happened on his watch is a liar. I won't say that they are stupid because they clearly are not (some exceptions apply, of course). It's really unfortunate when things like our safety and security get politicized to the point where we all basically lose interest in something that we should all be very astute to. I guess as long as political commentators are picking up paychecks, they will continue to say stupid shit. And as long as there are uneducated sheep willing to listen and believe...

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