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Friday, November 20, 2009

Trimming the fat...literally.

"It's a strange world." -- character Jefferey Beauxmont, from David Lynch's Blue Velvet

I thought I heard it all. But NOPE...

Pishtacos is a legendary creature of Andean mythology. It's a creature that is known to behead their victims, eat their flesh, and remove their fat. It's said to replace the chupacabra as the "boogie man" of choice in certain South American cultures.

According to a story run by the Associated Press, police in Peru have made arrests of gang members that have been killing people and extracting their fat to sell on the black market for use in cosmetics. This gang, whose members are still at large, are said to have killed their victims, beheading them, removing their organs, hanging their remains from trees, and heating them until their fat drips a George Forman grill.

Police arrested two of these gang members at a bus station. They were found with a full liter soda bottle filled with an amber-colored liquid, which lab tests revealed was human fat. The suspects claim that they could make $60,000 from the sale of human fat, although there is no evidence of this. Supposedly, it is believe that the use of human fat, as part of a skin care regimen, can reducing aging.

This is apparently not the only gang doing this. In fact, it's said that the leader of the gang in question, a 56 year-old man named Hilario Cudena, has been doing this for over 30 years.

It's bad enough that they're killing people (more than 60 people have been reported missing), but the roasting the remains to get the fat drippings for something that, according to dermatologists, is not only useless, but could be a health hazard.

As gross and horrifying as this story is, I think it could be of some use. Imagine what we could do for the obesity problem in America, if we told the obese that they needed to lose weight, or else the Pishtacos would get them. They'd probably think that you said fish tacos, and get all excited. Oh well, it was a thought...

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