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Monday, November 23, 2009

Plain stupid.

Mother is an ad agency, with offices in New York and London. They are one of the shops that does "high concept" advertising. And their latest commercial spot is definitely for the "high"...

It's an ad running in UK theaters for an organization called "Plane Stupid", who's goal is to limit the expansion of the aviation industry to help curb carbon emissions. The "concept"? To visualize a statistic that says that even a short flight can cause as much carbon monoxide as an adult polar bear. So, they decided to drop polar bears from the sky. Could be a cute idea, but...

Completely unnecessary. You don't turn people on to an issue by turning them off, and grossing them out. The only thing this commercial is doing for this message AND the organization AND the ad agency that put this out, is making people sick. It's this kind of "high concept" stupidness that makes me hate most of the ad industry. I could imagine the clowns in THIS pitch meeting-- a bunch of self-important "artists" who think they can productively convey a message by being "shocking"-- forcing their artistic relevance on people, much the same way that those morons at DDB Brazil did:

To World Wildlife Fund's credit, they did not approve the creative above for publication, but DDB took it upon themselves to submit the ad for award consideration.

I don't understand how these dolts can keep themselves in a self-imposed bubble, and not allowing themselves to be aware of what people can and will respond to. If you want to be an "artist", go buy some canvas and paints, and sit in a studio. If you want to appeal to people, GET TO KNOW PEOPLE!

It's good to know, however, that there are some agencies out there that can be clever AND get an important issue across to people, in a way that they will enjoy (and pass a link to their friends, and family!):

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