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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Nailin' Palin

Okay, I really wasn't going to write anything about this person. I go. Don't worry, I'll keep it short.

As everyone and their mother knows, the GOP spokesmodel's book was released this week. And with the release comes a flurry of criticism about it's apparent liberties with the facts. As if that's a real surprise to anyone. I'm just in awe at how she has completely captivated the attention of the entire media sect. It's like rubber-necking a car accident-- it's so shocking, you just have to hold everyone else's thirst for information on REAL ISSUES, while you gawk and stare at this hot mess.

You can probably guess by my tone that I have no interest in reading her book. I figure if I'm going to kill braincells, I'd rather do it via something more breathing in exhaust fumes. The excerpts and clips of her Oprah appearance were all that I needed to get an idea of what this person's up to. It's a pity, really, that she had a perfect opportunity to do something smart with this book. Here she is, with the attention of the ENTIRE COUNTRY on her, and what does she do? Writes a screed about being a victim. A victim of the McCain campaign. A victim of "the Media" (..."in what respect, Charlie?"). A victim of her own breasts and vagina. It's because she's a woman, after all, that she has been unfairly treated. It's because she's a person with breasts from Alaska that she has not been taken seriously. Yeah...that's exactly it. It's not because she doesn't understand the issues. It's not because she's nothing more than a local politician who bit off more that she could chew. It's not because she has absolutely NO intellectual curiosity whatsoever. It's not because she is smug in the face of her own ignorance. NO. No. It's because...she's a woman.

I watched a few of the clips from the Oprah interview, and I have to tell you...I think Oprah's body language said it all. She looked at this woman running her mouth like a sheep-a-shittin'...and she was over it. Sarah Palin is an attractive woman-- a former beauty queen, with a pretty face and nice legs. Imagine if she looked like this:

Or this:

Would people buy her book? Would they invite her on talk shows to run her mouth? Would GOP pundits and representatives be touching themselves at night thinking about her? Would we pay attention to ANYTHING she had to say? Of course not. But for me, when I hear Sarah Palin talk, I see nothing but those two images above. And I'm not diggin' it.

That's all.

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