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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mind-reading computer can replicate what you think!

Wow, how about that science!

A professor from the University of California has developed a system that actually recreates images produced in your mind! Research subjects were wired to an MRI, which was connected to a computer. While watching a video, the brainwaves were analyzed by the software, and was then able to make loose renderings the images they were watching(!).

The applications for this technology, according to those conducting the experiments, could be used to help solve crimes by reading the witnesses brain waves and recreating the events as they remember them. However, seeing that people tend to add their own spin on what they remember, this could backfire in ways. I mean, it's unclear how this machine would work in that way-- would it draw an honest image regardless of the subject's spin? Or would we be watching the video playback, then all-of-a-sudden see a dragon flying by...?

They are still in the early stages, and have not yet released a paper chronicling their research, but it's still pretty amazing to see stuff like this. Soon, we will all be living in the sci-fi movie we've always wanted to!

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