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Friday, November 13, 2009

Like Asian Chicks? Grab a Pencil...!


Leave it to a numb-skulled white guy to show you the way!

I mean, this is just so stupid. What's even worse is the earnestness with which he employs his "skills" to draw something that looks like one of those horrid "Bratz" dolls. But really, I think this is some really sharp insight into the mind of a racial fetishist. I'm surprised he could contain the drool from dripping onto the page. I'm impressed that he at least said "Asian woman" as opposed to "oriental".

Please, someone make a "How to Draw a Caucasian Douchebag" video.


Kim said...

at least they're not showing his massive erection in the video. thank god for that.

posthumous said...

Dude, you're just jealous because your Asian Women look like ... sorry, there was no way to finish that joke without sounding like a white douchebag.