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Monday, November 9, 2009

How Many More Beatles Remix Albums Do We NEED?! Okay, maybe one more...

On September 9th, 2009, a man who wishes to remain anonymous (but calls himself "James Richards") was involved in an incident. While chasing his dog, he fell and was knocked unconscious. When he woke up, he was in a strange room, in a home occupied by a man named Jonas. Jonas was interdimensional travel agent from an alternate universe, who found our anonymous friend while exploring, and brought him back to his the alternate universe.

Long story short, "Richards" and Jonas talk about the similarities and differences between their realities, and "Richards" comes to discover that in this parallel universe, The Beatles had not only not broken up, but all members are alive and well, and touring. Before "Richards" returns home, he snags a tape of one Jonas' Beatles' albums (because apparently CDs don't exists in this universe...he mentions this "fact"...) and returns home. And now, he has posted this "unheard Beatles album" for you, called EVERYDAY CHEMISTRY.

I have to give this guy an "A" for creativity, that's for sure(!). And the album itself is VERY well mixed and chopped up. Basically, taking The Beatles' solo stuff and mashing it up. Noteworthy here are the tracks "Days Like These", "Jenn", "Anybody Else", and "Sick to Death". It's enjoyable, and has a fun back-story. Can't beat that...

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