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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The GOP's H.N.I.C.

Whenever my late grandfather would hear about a black person given a role of responsibility, he would always jokingly say "Oh, he's the H.N.I.C.!", which is an acronym for the phrase "Head Nigger In Charge". It was his smart-assed way to say that no matter the title, you ain't in charge of shit. That's one of the many thing that I think of whenever I see Michael Steele on television.

The image above is from his so-called "victory lap" after winning two gubernatorial positions during off-year elections...and losing New York's 23rd district (with a candidate HE endorsed) for the first time since the Civil War. He is supposed to be assuming the "Heisman" pose, which looks like this:

Now, I'm not sure what geriatric-palsiated position he has himself in, but it really doesn't matter. It's just the latest example of the coonin' and shining that causes any self-respecting black person to absolutely cringe.

This is almost as embarrassing as the redesign of the GOP's website, that he personally supervised. Just look at this:

Who are those people? Stock art, I'm sure. But, according to Mr. Steele, these are the "Faces" of the "new" GOP. What new GOP? But that's not the funny/embarrassing part. He started a blog on the site:

"What up?". He called his blog "What up?". Do you understand me, he F**KING called his blog, HIS BLOG on the GOP's WEBSITE....he called it "What up?". He actually had the intelligence to take it down, but...HE CALLED HIS BLOG "WHAT UP?"!

I'd like to take this moment to address Mr. Steele personally:

Dear Michael Steele,

I know you must have been thrilled at the so-called honor to be chosen as the leader of the Republican Party. I'm sure you and your immediate family were very excited. But there are some of us...hell, there are A LOT of us who are as well...but for entirely different reasons.

As the GOP's highest Affirmative Action hire, you have done a great deal to not only make them look completely and totally have also managed to make every educated, self-respecting African American (well, me, anyway...) sick to their stomachs.

Every time I see you trying to be what you would call "hip" or "urban", you make it very difficult for anyone to take you seriously. You're like a minstrel show in a suit. You have managed to take white American caricatures of black folks, and used them to try to reach out to broaden the appeal of the GOP to attract more of us to join you....with "fried chicken and potato salad." (I shit you not, watch the clip).

I'm not sure if you really, truly know what you are doing or saying. It's bad enough that you would marginalize your own people, but when it comes to the real issues, you make it clear that you haven't got a CLUE. Pick a topic-- Health Care, the economy, foreign policy...every time you open your mouth, you set black folks back AT LEAST two decades.

The last thing I really want to do is to get all belligerent, but you just bring it out of me: You're a clown. A GODDAMN joke. And I hope you remain the head of the GOP for as LONG as HUMANLY POSSIBLE. Someone like you could do a lot to destroy the party you represent. The only downside is that you'll give those white folks MORE of a reason to exclude black and brown folks from their organization. Maybe that's not a bad thing, maybe it is. The only bad thing that I know of FOR SURE in this equation is you.

In the end, when you walk away with egg on your face, humiliated and disgraced...when Rush, and Cantor, and Beohner, and McConnell, and the rest turn their backs on you (and they will), don't look to any of us to feel sorry for you. There will be no empathy. Remember empathy?

By the way, THIS is how you assume the Heisman pose:

Sincerely, Charles

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