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Monday, November 23, 2009

...give 'em their own rope...: Or, "A Nation of Morons Can't Be Wrong!"

I first want to say that I love Sarah Palin. I love her, and I love her supporters.

Because of these people, we may see some REAL change in our country-- change that we so DESPERATELY NEED!

Have you ever heard the expression "The dumb leading the blind"? Well...

Look, I'm not really making fun of these people. They're not bad, after all-- not even evil. Just easily manipulated and totally ignorant to the issues. Everything that these people are complaining about has ALREADY BEEN HAPPENING over the last 8 years. But now that Barack Hussein Hitler Stalin Obama has taken office, they are all scared. Yes, there is a natural feeling of racial paranoia that these folks have; it's just their way of acknowledging that their ancestors have done some wrong in the country...but that's about as close as anyone will get to a concession of the racial manipulation and propaganda of white America. Now they fear that everything that's been done to black folks will, in fact, be done to them. And I must say...I find that very funny.

Sarah Palin, and her ilk, are coming. This book tour is only the beginning-- the NEW beginning...of the end of an era. You see, unfortunately, the people that follow her are merely looking for someone to represent them. But when you are uneducated-- when you are ignorant to the issues and have a general lack of intellectual curiosity, you can never really win. Sure, you may win some battles...but you'll never, EVER win the war. The ignorant always fall. The uneducated ALWAYS get left behind. Just like those poor people following Tom Cruise and HIS cronies. It feels good to be in the "In" crowd. It's awesome to hang with the popular kids. But it gets old...REAL quick.

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