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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cyborg Civil Rights...EVENTUALLY!

Now here's an interesting article, from The Telegraph, making a case for robot civil rights. They say that there could be a time when robots start to demand equal rights along with humans.

I dunno-- my geeky side says that this is a very interesting debate to be had. If robots do get to a point when they start thinking for themselves, and possibly even look like us, and interact with us, either at work, or even sexually (inevitable), could they or should they be treated as humans are treated? Or are they to be treated like objects, or merchandise.

However, my realistic side says who the hell cares. NO ONE reading this right now will be alive when this happens. I mean, we're talking AT LEAST 300-400 years from now. We live in a world where blacks had to fight for their civil rights less than 60 years ago. And gays are denied the right to marry. Not to mention the civil rights violations happening all around the world.

While this is interesting fodder for a sci-fi allegory, it's kind of a silly debate. But I think we can have an irreverent geek-out every now and then. Why not. Smoke 'em if you got 'em. And discuss.

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Anonymous said...

what's more likely is as technology furthers and prosthetics become more advanced. there will eventually be a line drawn between humans and prosthetically enhanced humans (cyborgs). You'll see lots of issues at first with competing in sports, and then separate schools then eventually will boil up into marriage between the two and then depending on the prosthetics maybe even voting rights. Tensions will also raise as employers begin to discriminate between cyborgs and humans.