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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Are you a single woman, looking for a man? BUY THESE SHOES!

If you are a straight, heterosexual man-- and when I say "straight" and "heterosexual", I mean you LOVE women. You adore them. You think they're great, wonderful, sexy, beautiful, yummy-- all of those things. In other words, if you had a choice between watching a ball game or hanging around with a group of ladies out at a fancy lounge all dressed up and junk...or even just hanging out in a pair of jeans and a a ball game...I'm talking to you, and to the women that love us. I believe that these shoes, these Christina Louboutin pumps, can help bring us together in much happiness and joy. Why, do you ask? Because the woman that wears these pumps, ANY WOMAN that wears these pumps, will be deemed FIERCE. And the fellow that sees the woman wearing these pumps will want to get to know you...and whatever's underneath your clothing (wink-wink).

Do I have a foot fetish? No, not really. But there is something about a sweet pair of shoes (and a tasteful leopard-skin top or skirt) that does something to me-- call me a freak, call me a weirdo...but that's just how I feel.

So, to all of my single lady friends (and you know who you are), and to the ladies that wanna show off a little to your man...if you have an extra $700 bucks laying around...or you can find some fellow/rube with some extra cash...BUY THESE SHOES.

You're welcome ;)

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