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Thursday, September 17, 2009

"Hiatus / Sabbatical / Pause / Intermission / Breather"

...and so it was written, and so it shall be.

I was not fully paying attention, due to several distractions in my life, but on April 2nd of this year, one of my favorite groups of all time has announced that, after 19 years, they are taking time off indefinitely.

I first heard Stereolab while working in a record store on Bleeker Street called Zapp Records (which is now a new age store of some sort). They are one of the few bands I know of that could literally record each member pissing in a bucket, and I would buy it. I have seen them live nearly every year since 1994, beginning with their free Central Park Summer Stage performance, and their latest album at the time: Mars Audiac Quintet. Since then, I was hooked.

They are impressive. They are fun. They are challenging. They can be funky. They can be abstract. And they are ALWAYS moving. Smart, political, uplifting, daring, progressive.

I really love "The Groop". Dots and Loops was the first album I ever played for my daughter (she was 2 months old at the time). That is the only album, to this day, that I write, edit, and/or draw to; it's my go-to creative inspiration.

It's kind of sad to know that they won't be releasing any new work any time soon, if at all. But I'll tell you...everything they have out now is enough to keep ANYONE going for the rest of their lives. I've had 15 years with their music, and none of their work has gotten old or stale to me.

So to Lætitia and Tim, thank you for the outstanding work.

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