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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Classless in Bed Stuy, and Beyond

Ah, Bedford Stuyvesant...I hardly knew ye. Well, I knew ye enough. I moved to Bed Stuy 2 years ago, right before it became proclaimed the new "hot spot" for New York's hipster population. I had a 2 bedroom on a quiet street in an up-and-coming neighborhood. Gentrification has been working its way through Brooklyn for several years, and the area I live in is at the very beginnings of the changes. Unfortunately, in the last several months, as the economy did Bed Stuy. The crime rate, which had stabilized over the last year or so, has shot back up. Trash on the streets, gun shots at night...more and more unemployed in the area, and a disturbingly high percentage of convicted sex offenders. Not good, especially since I have a daughter that visits me every other week.

Now, after 2 years, I am moving away (with my special lady) to a place which is nicer and more peaceful. I was feeling a bit nostalgic for my time in "the Stuy", until this happened, at 6:49pm on the 10th of September:

Classless trash. Apparently, the screaming lunatic's man is seeing someone else, and is holed up in his mom's house, as his mom is trying to calm the situation. Now, aside from the things that are wrong with this punk-assed man (really, letting your mom resolve these issues...?), I'm not defending the cheating or the lying or whatever else he's guilty of...but this woman. The screaming nut....I mean, is ANY OF THAT really necessary? You're going to disrupt everyone else because of your problems?

Everyone is pissed these days. Joe Wilson, Serena Williams, Kanye West, "teabaggers/birthers/deathers"...a lot of people are talking about the lack of civility in our society today. In my experience, the more uneducated you are, the less civil you will be. Whether it's intellectual or emotional, there is a fundamental section of the brain that these people seem to be deprived of. That small little nugget called "reason"-- that self-imposed censor that taps you on the shoulder and gives you a little pep-talk, right before you're about to do or say somethings stupid. Sure, we all have slips sometimes...but what's going on these days are more than just slips, or momentary lapses.

Well, for me, moving out of Bed Stuy tackles an immediate problem. But what do we do about the rest of the country? I wish I had a good answer to that, or something witty or clever to offer. But I don't. I mean sure, you can blame the economy, or the government, or whatever bullshit excuses that get bandied about... We are a nation of spoiled brats with passive-aggressive disorder. Personally, I think people just need to grown the hell up.

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