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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Conservative Republicans: Bad for White People

On the day when President Obama announced as his pick of Sonia Sotomayor for Supreme Court Justice, the Republican claws are out. Granted, this was expected. But two items related to the Republican response do nothing to criticize Mrs. Sotomayor. If anything, they are both very sad examples of the "struggle" inherent in the white experience: when all else fails, go to race.

The first is from Mike Huckabee who, in a press release issued today, says how troubled he is by the nomination of MARIA Sotomayor. You know, any HIGH-spanic name will do, right? Maria-So'nia-arriba-arriba!!! I'm sure that was an "innocent" error. Like whenever I've had a job, and there were two black people (including me) working in the entire place...certain people would often times call me by the other black guy's name. Not a big deal...just subtly annoying.

And then we have our favorite Conserva-turd Rush Limbaugh, who calls out claims of "reverse-racism" for the very IDEA of a brown person in office (Obama included). Because, well...everyone knows that whenever colored folk move ahead, it has everything to do with affirmative action. It's a quota. Sotomayor, Obama, Holder, maybe even Clinton (she has breasts, apparently that's bad too).

I've said it dozens of times, I really feel bad for true conservatives. They have to find a leader among this pack of outdated, egoistic lunatics. The world is changing, like it always has, and always will. Certain people, certain ideologies ALWAYS get left behind. If the GOP doesn't get to understanding that, and fast.......they will die.


The Gay Marriage Ban Continues...Bigots Win Again

Well, it's of about 10 minutes ago, California voted to uphold it's Prop 8 decision to ban gay marriage. The folks that were hitched before the ban can remain married...but everyone else can forget about it.

We take two steps forward, and stumble three steps back. Nothing's more American than that!

I can't believe that there are people in our government that still cater and kowtow to the religious and social bigots in this country. It's embarrassing. Like that one friend, or relative that always makes inappropriate comments at the WORST possible be on the world stage, to be the so-called "leader of democracy and freedom" in the world...and we STILL pull stupid shit like this.

Gay marriage is always an easy issue, and great tool, for the conservative Republicans to win elections with. And gay marriage is a detriment...and a tool...for the Democrats to stay on the good side of their religious constituents, and off of the Republican "shit list machine" (and that's shit that's ALWAYS running). No matter how conservatives like to "try" (TRY) to intellectualize it...bigotry is bigotry. The semantic argument is even worse. I mean really, is that all it takes? Just call it "civil unions", and you get the same benefits...except you're not allowed to call it "marriage"? Is that the only beef? You can be together, you just can't call it what the straight people call it? That's so stupid-- to maintain "the sanctity of marriage", right? Like heterosexuals haven't trampled all over the institution of marriage.

The most recent argument, however, is among my favorites in underlining the sheer idiocy and ignorance that is the current Republican party. And that argument comes from none other than RNC head Michael Steele:

What an ass. This is why, after hearing things like this, I turn to Mr. Keith Olbermann:

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"Play him off, keyboard cat"

I was just informed that this here clip is the latest "thing". It's taking a clip of some event gone horribly wrong, and ending with a clip of a cat made to look like it's playing some exit music on a little Casio keyboard.

It's so dumb, that I had to do one:

A friend made this one:

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

R.I.P. "Captain Chaos"

Dom DeLuise died last night. He was 75 years old. Cancer.

I used to LOVE this guy when I was a kid-- he cracked me up, without fail, every time.

I have a thing for outtakes and blooper reels; always have, since I was a kid. I dunno, I just do(!). The Cannonball Run (I) outtakes are among my favorites of all time. And that's what you see above.

I love how he called Dean Martin "Mr. Martin".