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Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I don't remember when I was introduced to Twitter. It may have been a year or two ago that I either discovered it on my own, or a friend sent me a link to the site. And I remember at the time thinking "well, this is kind-of can only enter 140 characters at a time? What can you do with that?!" It just seemed like another style of blogging, but for lazy people.
Now, it's everywhere. Celebrities use it. The news media uses it. And now members of Congress use it.

I mean, Facebook (or as I call it "Nosybook") is bad enough with its "What are you doing now?" subject lines. Yes, I do use it, but only to let my friends know things like how far along I've progressed with my book, or to make the occasional snarky comment some of the goings on of things and stuff. But there are people that will fill in EVERY LITTLE THING they do. And honestly, if I really wanted to know that much about your life, I'd just follow you around. I've never been much of a stalker in "real life", so its digital form doesn't really do much for me either.

So yes, I have a Twitter account as well. And as of this moment, I've entered four Tweets in nine months. And with its current popularity, I still don't see myself really using this "tool". I don't think I have the kind of devotion and narcissism required push the minutia of my life onto others. But, now that I think about it...maybe I do have a use for Twitter...

...I could "Tweet" about my blog.

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