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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Movie Review: Charles watches THE WATCHMEN

So, it's done. They finally made it, and I finally saw it. Now I can get on with my life.

I haven't read any reviews of this thing, good or bad. And I know three people that have seen it: the first loves it, the second thought it was "okay", and the third said "Oh, it was horrible!" Going into it, I honestly expected to like it...but also expecting to be disappointed. I've been excited by movies like this before. And it leads to nothing but heart ache and pain. I mean, how much more disappointment can one person take?! (I'm looking at you, "Religulous" and "Synecdoche, New York"!!!) So, I was prepared to be bummed out about spending nearly 3 hours on garbage. But that didn't happen. 'cause I really liked it. And upon reflection, I like it more.

After I saw the movie, took out the book and flipped through it. I knew there were some things that would be cut (and will be restored on DVD), but I thought this was one of the most faithful adaptations I've ever seen. It's almost too anal. The colors, the actors, the art design, costumes, all of it was solid.

**SPOILERS** There was a lot of information to ingest, to really get the full gist of this entire world. And I thought the opening sequence was a perfect example of how they were able to tell you an entire story through visuals (also using the Bob Dylan song, which is also featured in the book-- so anal!). So much is going on in this film that it really does help to have read the comic book. For example, with the story of the news paper dealer and the kid with the pirate comic book cut out, you may not know at first that an unmasked Rorschach is the one carrying that "The End is Near" sign.

It wasn't perfect, though...the story of the "New Frontier" editor and his assistant, which isn't reveal until the end in the film. And that makes the ending a little weak, because the film doesn't established who they are-- to the reader of the book, however, it's pretty satisfying. And the sex scene. The sex scene. Okay, this is where the strict attention to detail kinda ruins things. Yes, they even shot the sex scene accurately. But you know...the close-ups of the "passion" in their, thank you. And that song?! COME ON...! Well, sex in movies never really works out right ("Matrix Reloaded"). But sometimes, it does ("Betty Blue").

And I have to say that the ending here is MUCH BETTER than what was in the original book. The vagina monster attack at the end...? Really? I wanted to beat Alan Moore with his own book after seeing that. And they hint to it throughout the book, but I just didn't know what they hell they were going to do with it. It was SO FREAKING lame! So I hand it to the screenwriters for making a more sensible solution. The approach is different, but the result is the same. Fair enough-- it worked for me!

So, I liked it. I hope they add more to it on DVD. Now, someone has to make "The One".

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