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Monday, March 2, 2009

I want Rush Limbaugh to succeed

Yes, that's right-- I said it. I want Rush Limbaugh to succeed. I want Republicans to listen to him, and I want them to follow him. Yes. I. Do.

And not only do I want people listening to Rush, I want them to listen to Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Anne Coulter, and the others of that ilk. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do! The more, the better. And if you've never listened to them...even if the mere thought of using up decent brain cells in absorbing the garbage that pours from their vacuous traps, that's even better. Look-- I'll even provide the links:

Rush Limbaugh
Glenn Beck
Sean Hannity
Anne Coulter
Bill O'Reilly
Laura Ingrahm

Go ahead, now-- they won't bite.

You see, ever since "Numb-Nuts" left the White House, and "Grampa" and his nurse had their asses handed to them, the far-right wingnuts of the Republican Party have been frothing like rabid squirrels. The members of this "chattering class" want EVERYONE to know that the American voters have made a huge mistake. They throw out words like "socialism" and "communism", use phrases like "the-redistribution-of-wealth" (although to these people, that may be one 'compound word').

All of this criticism against President Obama and his plans and policies is ridiculous. The man has been in office for over 40 days, and they're already trying to nail the coffin shut...even when there is no coffin in sight! Now sure, we can all speculate about what he's doing and how he's doing it...but really, how can you review a film, while the script is still being written?

And where was the far-right when the previous administration drove this country into a ditch? They really had absolutely nothing to say, did they? Because their team was in charge. And what kind of a person would critique themselves? Only someone interested in evolving, and growing. But then again, when it comes to ideology, many on the far-right lean towards creationism-- like creating their own version of history.

But, given the opportunity, what solutions would any of these people offer to cure the ills of America's problems? Wait, what's that? You hear crickets? So do I! You know why? Because these people have no answers, no solutions....nothing, absolutely NOTHING constructive, intelligent, or practical to add to the debate. Oh sure, these people can, as my mother would say, run their mouths like a sheep-a-shittin'. And that's good-- that's what they get paid to do. That is a valuable skill in-and-of itself. The world needs talkers, that's for sure. But there's something to be said for the content of the words that one uses.

Anyone can merely regurgitate common talking points. Anyone can belch up stale rhetoric. And anyone who's every had the taste of bile in the back of their throats, just lightly tapping the back of their tongue enough to catch that hint of bitterness...anyone can make the familiar criticisms their own. And that's the key, when talking about these chattering wingnut conservative blow-hards; FAMILIAR. We all know what they're going to say, before they even say it. Some say it loudly, some say it harshly, some say it with a smirk, some scream it with anger and contempt. But beyond the's all the same shit.

And that's why we should all be listening to the Limbaugh crowd-- and WANT them to win. Because in the end, their stale, tired old ideas will be the death of them, and everyone like them. So yes, let them have their 14-20 million listeners and followers. Let the government officials brown up their noses, and lick the dirty, sweaty, calloused, corn-and-bunion infested feet of the celebrities of the far-right. Because, like the clearing of the smoke of his bloated, gassy ideology, Rush Limbaugh, and all the other dimwits, will be exposed for what they are: intellectually bankrupt, devoid of ideas, breathing their last breaths.

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