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Sunday, March 1, 2009


Oh these poor, miserable, silly little Republicans....

You know, I really, sincerely feel bad for Conservatives. Not Republicans, mind you...but the Conservatives that have real values about real issues, and truly care about people. Not these idealogical, morally bankrupt, and intellectually challenged imbeciles currently "running" the GOP.

The over-bloated Republican cheerleading camp known as CPAC has finally been put out to pasture this week. And thank goodness for that! Not because of the danger in getting the most powerful members of the Republican Party "brain trust" together. Only because, well, I hate seeing injured animals writhing and convulsing in pain. And the whole gang was there...the automaton, the hockey MILF, The Omen, Satan's bony whore, and a big-fat idiot.

Look, I've listened to these people. Being a moderate, I'm interested in hearing what both liberals and conservatives have to say. After all, neither one of these parties can really be all things to all people. But again, if you want to find "real conservatives" don't look at the current Republican party. It's rare that you see a collective group like this that are so CLUELESS and OBLIVIOUS...a group that is so wrapped up in smelling their own farts that they can't smell their own house burning down.

Really-- listen to their words. Listen closely. THEN, look at their actions. That's the most important thing when dealing with these people. The SAME COMPLAINTS they had about Barack Obama-- "Sure, he's got real pretty words, but where are his actions?!" Well, Republican Party...that's a good question to ask yourselves. You talk of tax cuts, as if they've never been tried before. Where have you been for the last 30 years? Sure, the concept of tax cuts sounds GREAT on paper. But it's the greed and corruption of those pesky CEOs and wealthy people that get in the way of those ideas. And the ideas of spreading democracy across the Middle East sounds rosy and neat! But if ONLY you understood the people you wanted to "help". Protecting our borders is a noble idea...but what does attacking and berating our new "servant class" via immigration law really have to do with that? And gay marriage...sigh. Talk about a waste of tax payer time and money...what the HELL do YOU CARE about homosexuals getting married?! Unless your one of those hyper-religious, or self-hating Republican gays, there's no reason or justification for legislating bigotry. So why? Why are these people so out of touch? And why are they pushing forward, in spite of themselves?!

I think listening to Rush Limbaugh speak at CPAC really says it all. The number one concern of the Republican Party today? Winning. That's it. They want to win. They want to be in charge. That's it, and that's all. They really believe that if they continue to spout the same rhetoric and talking points that maybe...JUST MAYBE...the American people will finally get it! But we DO get it! You people don't. You see, I really understand Rush when he says that he wants President Obama to fail. Obama has to fail, for the current Republican Party to live. He has to fail, for Rush Limbaugh to continue to be employed. Because, you see...the Republican Party is dying. It's dying a slow, painful, violent death. And it will rise again, like a Phoenix from the flame. But it won't be the same party that we see flailing around today. People like Limbaugh, and Coulter, and Hannity...they're dinosaurs. And with the state of the economy being the way it is, they're scared! They're all in danger of losing their jobs. And all they're trying to do is stay employed, by pushing old and tired ideology; it's the only thing they know! So, either they're going to change...or they're going to die.

For the sake of the country, I'll take the latter.

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