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Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Chattering (Cl)asses

Maybe it's because I was laid-off in December, and waiting for work, then working from home...maybe because while I'm at home, I have cable news on in the background because I want to be informed, and I just like to watch the news. I enjoyed following the presidential campaign. And I WAS enjoying watching Obama's first 40+ days in the White House. But, I'm pretty sick of watching this crap.

I'm sick of the CONSTANT watching of stock tickers. I'm sick of hearing about how sh*tty the economy is. And I'm sick of hearing pompous, over-paid, blathering idiots running their mouths about whether or not President Obama is really doing enough for the economy. All this judgment of a man that inherited a crap economy that we've been stuck in since December of 2007.

How much constructive speculation can you really offer about someone that hasn't been on the job long enough to effect anything. Is watching the Dow Jones REALLY a proper gauge for his work? Or is it more of a gauge for the disapproval of the morons, the criminals, the...douchebags that got us into this mess in the first place.

And aside from all of this, President Obama's poll numbers are very high among the voters that put him into office. Now, the funny thing about that is listening to some of these cable news people that are questioning the intelligence of the American people based on these polls numbers. As if to suggest that we dumb-ass American citizens don't know well enough-- that Obama's high approval ratings are the result of people with their heads of their asses, because if we knew ANYTHING AT ALL...we would know that the STOCK MARKET is the ONLY INDICATION of how the President is doing.

Listen, jerks-- I've watched you pontificate and run your traps about Obama for over two years. And every time you questioned his strategies, EVERY SINGLE TIME you've doubted his decisions...for example, when under attack by the McCain camp, he decided to move forward, as opposed to "fighting back". After all the were ALL WRONG.

And now, after 40+ days in office, do you really, truly think that you know what this guy is capable of? Why don't you all do what the President asked you to do-- if you have better ideas, BRING THEM TO HIM. Offer him solutions, instead of bitching and moaning. Bring something to the table besides your self-righteous indignation.

But that would just shut you up, wouldn't it? Then what would we watch?

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