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Thursday, May 15, 2008


Some of the people I've talked to about the presidential campaign are very pessimistic. They don't believe that Barack Obama will win the nomination, and they REALLY don't believe that he will be the President of the United States.

Watch this clip from Hard Ball, with Chris Matthews. It's about 9.5 minutes, and worth every moment. This clip represents what we will see this fall. Witness the GOP "straw man" as it is dismantled, burned, and pissed on.

Just look at how Kevin James, a conservative talk-show host, tries in earnest to defend George W. Bush's suggestion that Barack Obama's foreign policy is similar to that of Nazi appeasers, specifically U.S. Republican Senator Neville Chamberlain. He starts in like a blathering blow-hard, but ends with him picking up the pieces of his shattered ego from the floor.

Glaring ignorance, ridiculous spin, pathetic ideology, sewer-based ethics.

See? And this is only the beginning.

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