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Friday, May 9, 2008

Go, Speed, Go!

It's a shame that with all that is going on this political season, that it has taken me almost 2 months to make a new posting, and it has to do with a goofy movie that seemingly NO ONE is going to see....

I loved Speed Racer since I was a kid, and I have been looking forward to a theatrical version for a long time-- I remember when they were talking about Johnny Depp as Speed, and Nick Cage as Racer X, with Hype Williams directing (true story). Now we have the Warchowski Siblings, and a cast of actors that (with the exception of John GOodman and Susan Sarandon, and Christina Ricci), I am completely unfamiliar with. At any rate, I 'm looking forward to seeing it...bad writing and mediocre directing aside (sorry, siblings, but you can't do either of those things to save your lives...).

Yahoo Movies just posted a clip of the first 7 minutes of the film and, frankly, I liked what I saw..."saw" being the operative word. However, I saw a shot that I wanted to examine further:

This is a crowd shot that is on scene for all of 2.5-3 seconds (as Speed Racer 'rounds a turn on the track, the camera pans up to this shot). Being a film-geek, and an effects nerd, and a filmmaker myself....I am very interested in how things are done, how shots are created, etc....the interesting thing about this shot is this:

Each color signifies a person that has been duplicated, or cloned. Some of the actors are cloned up to 20 times, sometimes it's the same shot, sometimes a different shot, sometimes the shots are put right next to each other...and they didn't even bother to changes the colors OR the outfits they're wearing! I only pointed out 4 actors here; there are SEVERAL more to see...

Now, they could possibly be really REALLY trying to be like a live-action cartoon; many cartoons makers cut corners and use cheats, and duplicate characters to save time/money....but why this is going on in a movie that costs WELL OVER $100 million dollars is beyond me. Homage? Or laziness....?

I'm watching this movie tonight the Beatles suggest, I will definitely "Roll up" for this one......

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