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Monday, February 4, 2008

SuperBoring ads, 2K8

Well, I didn't watch the game because...well, I don't care enough to bother. Being that I'm in advertising, I'm almost required to watch the game, if anything, to see the slate of million dollar ads that companies pour into the event. Every year there are groups of winners and losers. This year, it's only one group; losers.

How awful were these commercials this year?! A guy clamping jumping cables to his nipples to start a car, Justin Timberlake getting sucked around a city, and a guy in a mouse suit beating up a guy for his cheesy snack...? Really? This is what the best ad people came up with this year?

And what the hell was up with those SalesGenie commercials? Damn, I thought they would follow those two ads up with a black couple finding customers for their fried chicken and watermelon shop.

Bridgestone's ads were corny. The Ice Breaker's ad was stale. Even Bud Light got lazy with their boring psuedo-super powers campaign. In fact, there were only two commercials-- TWO, that were worth the celluloid (or digital tape) they were shot on:

In general: Lame. Uninspired. Dull.

That's it for this year in Super Bowl ads.

Now, turn on CNN and get ready for Super Tuesday!

(and get disappointed again, possibly...)

1 comment:

Stella said...

"Fried Chichen and Watermelon"...LMAO!! You are so baaaddd!!
Yes, the Super Bowl was a total snooze-fest for me. That CareerBuilder commercial was extremely gross! I will admit though, that it was unexpected, but still...eeeeuuuuuwww!!