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Monday, December 10, 2012

All Good Things...

Here I am, on December 10, 2012...and I have nothing to say.

Well, that's not entirely true-- I ALWAYS have something to say. However, when it comes to saying these things on the "C*Notes" blog...I have run out of steam.

I've been writing opinions and rants in this space since 2008. Through typos, spelling mistakes and grammatical travesties, I let loose with a shit ton of asshole-ish observations-- sex, politics, race, movies, television, celebrity, etc. To be honest, the more I had written about all that stuff...the more I realized that not only am I saying the same thing over and over and OVER again, but so is EVERYONE ELSE! It's true what they say-- opinions ARE, in fact, like assholes!

I no longer feel the need to occupy this space with more assholerly. I think I've said enough. More to the point, I think I can say everything that I want to say in 140 characters or less. Over the last 2 months, I've been fucking around with Twitter; the one place I didn't think I'd be! I once called Twitter "blogging for lazy people". Now I call it "FUCKING AWESOME!!".  

So....well...that's it! You can find me on Twitter @thisischacon. And I self-published a book of essays based on this here blog...

That's all.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Obama/Romney Debates: 10/03/12

Well, it just happened. So let's cut to the chase. Before hand, both campaigns pretty much transmitted what their candidates were expected to do: Romney would work in some zingers, and Obama would address the American people directly. Romney talked over the commentator, Obama looked annoyed. If you were to judge based on style, Romney won if you like scripted aggression...and Obama won, if you like a calm, intellectual approach (scripted as well). Stylistically, it's a draw.

When it comes to content, however, I see Romney in a world of trouble. Flat-out, straight up...that man is full of shit. Now, if you like Tucker Carlson, you probably like a president (or candidate) to feed you a little BS. We can have a fair and mature conversation about policy disagreements, but Mitt Romney lied a lot. A LOT. Not just about policy, but he flat-out contradicted things that he has said RECENTLY.

However you want to define the performances, the fact remains: The President didn't kill it.  It's a bummer, but it's a fact. The President thinks that Romney is beneath him; his disdain was extremely apparent. He relied WAY TOO MUCH on that disaster Jim Lehrer to take control of the debate...which he certainly did not. This was not a strong "visual" performance. The question is...does that matter?

It doesn't to me, but I follow this shit; a lot of people do not. The so-called "low information voter", may see Romney's assertiveness as a sign of strength, and just assume that he is right and better. And it didn't help that Obama wouldn't even look at Romney, and Romney stared at Obama most of the time. Obama's eye-rolling didn't help either. Romney looked eager. Obama look aggravated.

This conjures up stories about the Kennedy/Nixon debates-- the people that heard it on the radio versus the people that saw it on television. People would say that Nixon won on substance and Kennedy won on appearance. This is kinda like the same thing for me. And for me, the thing that's most important to me is the content. Content-wise, Obama won that debate by a LONG shot. But I don't know if this debate will be judged on content.

There are going to be A LOT of disappointed liberals and progressives. There was no talk of 47% or Bain Capital, not to mention that the president did not push back hard enough on Romney's BS. This is the criticism that Obama always gets, that he's not "angry" enough. Instead of Shaft, we get Lucius Fox. Even though Obama never displays anger, people are always expecting it from him.

After this, I don't like Obama any less. And Romney-lovers will love him much more now. The undecided voters...meh. I honestly think there is way too much hype over this group. Now, this race has REALLY begun. And that's a good thing. After WEEKS of Romney acting like an idiot, he finally did something right.

So Obama didn't nail it. Don't hate him for it. Honestly, I think there has been way too much lefty complacency lately. From the Romney/Ryan screw-ups to the toppling of voter suppression laws, things have been going VERY, VERY well for the last few week. And may very well beat substance. BUT...maybe not.

Will this actually work? Will the straight, mature, direct approach beat out hyper assertiveness? Doesn't seem like the pundits think so, but they don't get it either; they have been saying all along that the President should be down in the polls because of the economy...but he is not. Can months of lying and weeks of screw-ups be forgotten due a "strong" debate performance?

One down...three to go (including the VP debate).

Friday, August 24, 2012

A Modest Proposal: A Loaded Magazine In Every Home

About an hour after I got to work this morning, I got a text from my lady telling me that there was a shooting on 34th and 5th-- right outside the Empire State Building. I take the bus every day into Manhattan, which gets into Port Authority (40th-42nd street). I usually walk across town from 40th and 8th to 40th and 3rd, so the closest I could have been to that shooting was about 6 blocks away. That's close enough-- had I been passing by at that moment, I probably could have even heard the gun shots. 

Kinda creepy, I guess-- I mean, not as creepy as seeing the World Trade Center burning (I was about 20 blocks away from that), but's rather unsettling. It made me think about what I would have done had I been there when that nut-job started shooting people. Honestly, I would have just run, or hit the ground...I don't know WHAT I would have done. But I know what my wildest dreams and imagination would have wanted me to do...and that's unholster my OWN fire arm, and shoot that fucker in the face!

Now, I know what some of you panty-wastes out there might think-- "Oh, more guns on the street would just be more problems! We need more regulation! We need more gun control!" Well, you pussies need to suck it. The problem with these shooters is that they have the advantage! They know that they could get away with these shootings by and large because NO ONE ELSE WILL HAVE ANY GUNS! I mean seriously-- how can you expect to have a high body count if you have to worry about everyone else packin'? I know I would think twice about taking multiple lives of innocent people if I thought for a moment that they would be armed as well!

You liberty and freedom-hating losers just don't get it! In the last two months, there have been at least four mass shootings, including this one this morning in New York City. The reason why this guy got away with shooting 8 and killing 2 is that those people were not armed!!! If AT LEAST 1 in 3 of us has a shooting weapon of some sort-- be it a pistol, rifle, crossbow-- whatever...I'd be willing to BET YOU that that dirt bag wouldn't have made it past 2-3 people AT LEAST. Now sure, there'd probably be some crossfire fatalities or injuries-- what with a bunch of random people firing weapons, and not being quite sure who the bad guy is...but hey...! This way, there wouldn't really be any more than 2 mass killings a year!

I think most people would not be so willing to pull out a gun if there more guns out there. So why are you even reading this-- get to an online gun dealer and stock up! Oh, and you may wanna get a lawyer on retainer as well, because crossfire victims and/or their families tend to get a bit sue-y.

(**NOTE**: For the uninitiated, this is SATIRE. I am sickened that we continue to have these goddamn shootings, and whenever anyone tries to debate this issue, it's met with stupid, hyper-political pseudo-patriotic rhetoric and out-and-out bullshit. We need to put aside our religious political baggage and BE ADULT about this issue. If you are a responsible gun owner, THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO YOU.) be continued...

...because there WILL be another mass shooting very soon. There always is.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Black Like Mitt

GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney put on his magic underwear yesterday to speak to the cursed decedents of Cain at the NAACP. Let's take a look:

Oops! Wrong video! Okay, here it is:

The news media has been all a flitter about how Romney got booed for 14-15 seconds upon mentioning his plans to appeal "Obamacare". Booing isn't much of an anomaly at Mitt Romney events, however it's usually audience members that are booed for asking Mitt "tough" questions:

Yeah, that's's like watching Invasion of the Body Snatchers-- among a sea of mindless Republicans, the ones with common sense and non-ass-kissy questions get booed and shouted down. This time, however, the boo's were coming straight from the "black" lion's den!

Here's the deal-- many people have already called out this appearance as a very calculated move. It's a way to show is base that he can confront those blacks on their turf and let 'em have it! It's the Southern Strategy in full effect! Look at the video-- he couldn't help but smile when he was booed, and the smile got wider the longer the boos went on! Saying "Obamacare" in front of the NAACP is like saying "gun rights" at an NRA meeting; you know DAMN RIGHT WELL that word, or the sentiment, would not play at all. This booing video will spread like wildfire among his base, and they will EAT IT UP! And that's the thing-- it will only really play with his base. I think so-called Independents and Swing Voters will not be moved or impressed.

It is said that Republicans are not racist, but racist DO flock to the Republican party. Time and time again, that is proven to be true. And Republican politicians KNOW this. That's why The Southern Strategy is so effective. Just listen to how Romney responded to the boo's on Fox News:

"...if 'they' want free stuff, 'they' can vote for the other guy." How do you like THAT shit? You only need to know American history to know what all this means. Sure, you'll hear enough white folks out there who will disavow that these things are happening-- like the "voter fraud" legislation getting passed in many states. When you have more instances of UFO sightings than fraud, that will tell you how disingenuous these concerns are:

Do you see? It's a plan to disenfranchise the votes of minority, young, elderly, and poor voters. How interesting is it that in Texas, one of the states with new voter ID legislation, that you can use a gun permit to vote...but not school ID.

Personally, I am not the least bit impressed my Twit Romney's NAACP adventure. He displayed absolutely no intention of trying to get the so-called "black vote". Especially when you find out that he went so far as to bring is own posse of Uncle Toms rich black Republicans to help out with some of his applause lines. I think it's funny how Republicans feel that they find in necessary to try to purposely fill the room with ass-kissers, as opposed to finding a way to gain support organically.

Romney said, "...if only there was a way to articulate to you what is in my heart, you would vote for me." I have an idea about how to make that happen, Mitt...TELL US!!!!!  The problem is that you do NOT want, or care, about support from the black community. And that's fine-- you certainly would not be the first, and won't be the last. I'll tell you this-- playing politics with a respected civil rights organization to try to score points with you white bigot base is craven and cowardly, and is yet another reason why you do not deserve to be President of the United States.

"Who let the dogs out?" YOU did.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

John Travolta's New Gay Scandal

Time and time again, we see news stories with the words "John Travolta" and "gay" mentioned happily together. And the hits just keep on comin'! This time, courtesy of TMZ, who obtained the documents of a lawsuit brought about by a masseur who claims to have been groped, molested, and sexually assaulted by Mr. Travolta.

According to the $200/hour masseur "John Doe", he was picked up by Travolta in a black Lexus SUV, brought to Travolta's bungalow at a hotel in Beverly Hills, and after the first hour of the massage, was getting his "shaft" and "scrotum" touched and fondled by Travolta. Allegedly, JT was "semi-erect" at the beginning of the encounter. When the masseur turned away Johnny's advances, he was alleged to have said: "Come on dude, I'll jerk you off!!!"

Allegedly, Travolta was on the table masturbating with a "fully-erect" penis " roughly 8-inch in length" with "wirey and unkempt" pubic hair. The masseur also said that Travolta made the following statement:

"Hollywood is controlled by homosexual Jewish men who expect favors in return for sexual activity."
 John Doe still refused, claiming that he did not have sex with clients. Travolta then called him "selfish" and a "loser," doubled his hourly rate, and that was that. He also left John Doe with a little bit of advice; that he had to learn to "lick some ass", and he could make millions of dollars.

In addition (as if we needed to learn more), Mr. Travolta had claimed that he was not gay, and that the "taste of cum" makes him "gag"...but that he was smart enough to learn to enjoy it...and that the millions of dollars he made was well worth it.

Well, ladies and gentlemen...I can say this, especially about that last bit. I know plenty of women and gay men that don't like the "taste of cum" either. It's not really made for eating or drinking or whatever, so that's understandable. Besides that, I understand that diet is responsible for the taste-- but that's beside the point. The point is...HE'S GAY. At the VERY LEAST, he's bi-sexual. But he is most definitely NOT a straight, heterosexual man. And you know what? THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT!!! The only thing that IS wrong is that he's fucking around on his wife, and that is not cool AT ALL. If he just got a divorce, he could have ALL THE C*CK he could ever want!!! He wouldn't have to sneak around with masseurs he trolls around for on the internet.

John Doe is suing for $2 million dollars. My guess is he'll settle for something is the high six figures.

Travolta's people deny this event, of course.  They made a statement on E! Online:

"This lawsuit is complete fiction and fabrication," it reads. "None of the events claimed in the suit ever occurred. The plaintiff, who refuses to give their name, knows that the suit is a baseless lie...On that date when plaintiff claims John met him, John was not in California and it can be proved that he was on the East Coast. Plaintiff's attorney has filed this suit to try and get his 15 minutes of fame. John intends to get this case thrown out and then he will sue the attorney and Plaintiff for malicious prosecution."

 Uh-huh. If this is a lie, then John Doe should be a screenwriter instead of a masseur.

And to Mrs. Kelly Preston, I say PLEASE do yourself and your family a favor...and GET A DIVORCE!!!!!!

Maurice Sendak Dead at 83

The author of one of my favorite childhood books is dead. Maurice Sendak gave us the ever-popular Where The Wild Things Are and In the Night Kitchen. He had been hospitalized since Friday after suffering from a stroke. He passed early this morning.

WTWTA was made into a disappointingly mediocre and boring movie a few years back (what the hell happened, Spike Jonze?!). Disney had also attempted an animated short based on the book-- it was to be one of their first forays into 3D animation:

According to the New York Times, his latest book called "My Brother's Book" will be released in February 2013.

He will be missed.

Friday, May 4, 2012

"Jay-Z and the New York Niggas", by Phil Mushnick


Look, I'm getting pretty sick and tired of writing about racial shit, too. But as long as there are people like this that continue to say stupid things...well, I think it needs to be brought to light.

Phil Mushnick has been a sports columnist with the NY Post for a long time. Recently, he went on a bit of a rant about Jay-Z's ownership of the New Jersey Nets-- more specifically, the fact that he is moving them to Brooklyn, and changing the color of the uniforms. Basically, Jay-Z is rebranding the team, and Phil doesn't like that idea.

So, I guess he was trying to be cute and satirical, and gave a few suggestions about other changes that Jay-Z could make to the team:

As long as the Nets are allowing Jay-Z to call their marketing shots — what a shock that he chose black and white as the new team colors to stress, as the Nets explained, their new ‘urban’ home — why not have him apply the full Jay-Z treatment? Why the Brooklyn Nets when they can be the New York N***as? The cheerleaders could be the Brooklyn B***hes or HoesTeam logo? A 9 mm with hollow-tip shell casings strewn beneath. Wanna be Jay-Z hip? Then go all the way!
 Meh...I mean look-- I've made quite a few attempts at satire on this blog; I call them "Modest Proposals". The one thing that I try to do in those cases is make my rants a bit more tongue-in-cheek; I want people to laugh, not get pissed. Sure, I'm annoyed at the issues I try to lampoon, but I don't go about it with anger and venom. At least I don't THINK that I do. I can't say that his passage reads that way at all. It sounds like some pissed-off dude ranting and raving. The fact that he's using racial language, and the fact that he's an old white guy, don't really seem to be helpful.

Even in his defense of the article, as supplied by the Village Voice, he seems pissed off:
"...did you actually read what I wrote and what I've been writing for 30 years? I don't call black men niggas; my kids never heard the word until folks such as Jay-Z came along. I'd suggest you talk to him about it. What I wrote today was on Jay Z's artistry, and only the wishful and foolish would so badly misinterpret and mischaracterize it as you plan to do."
Not for nuthin'...but he just sounds like a dick. I mean sure, I can understand being annoyed by people misinterpreting your stuff...but a little perspective would prove to be helpful for Mushnick. The thing about satire is that it needs to be thoughtful and introspective. There needs to be an intellectual backbone behind it. If you're just spiting out vitriol, you sound like an asshole. In Mushnick's case, he sounds like a bigot. He's old enough to know what it looks like when old white men use the word "nigger", or in his case "niggas". He simply, as a writer, did not adequately prepare the reader for that language. He just threw it out there in the midst of his anger, and just sounds bigoted.

Again, I've been accused by a few white folks of being a racist. Like Mushnick, I stand by what I've written. But at the same time, I go out of my way to articulate things as clearly and rationally as possible (typos and grammatical errors aside). I want to give people something to think about. I don't want them to just read some angry black guy bitching about white people. I am blunt, and direct, but I also provide a bit of perspective. This guy just took a piss and stormed away.

Is he a racist? My guess is no. Maybe satire is just not his thing. Maybe he should have written another draft, or showed the article to someone else for a bit of feedback before it went out into the world. Or maybe he was too pissed off to care. I honestly don't know anything about him, or his work, or his method of working. All I know is what other have perceived: he's some white sports writer that called Jay-Z a "nigga".

Sorry, Phil. That's what happens sometimes when you misread your audience; they end up misreading you.

MCA R.I.P.: Adam Yauch Dead at 47

Bummer news of the day, man...Adam Yauch, a/k/a MCA of the Beastie Boys, lost his battle with cancer today, at the age of 47. When I saw the first headline, I thought it was some stupid internet joke. But no joke, man...what a freaking loss. If you don't know (and why don't you), Adam was the gravely-voiced of the group...and like a lemon to a lime, a lime to a lemon, he sipped the def ale with all the fine women.

Like many in my generation, I grew up with the Beasties. They're one of the few rap acts that maintained credibility and relevancy over a career spanning 3 decades. They made 7 great albums, including License to Ill, Paul's Boutique, Hello Nasty, Ill Communication, and their latest Hot Sauce Committee Part Two. I mean it sincerely when I say that not a day goes by that I don't, for a brief second-- among the millions of other blips in my skull-- have a flash of a Beastie Boys song in my head.

One of the great things about the Beastie's is their videos. Here are some of my faves:

48fps = FAIL?

The backlash has been hard and heavy. 10 minutes of footage from Peter Jackson's "The Hobbit" was shown at CinemaCon a week or two ago. The big deal, aside from being a preview of the next of the Middle Earth films, was that Peter Jackson shot the film at 48fps. If that means nothing to you, basically all of the films that you've seen your entire life (and before) are shot at 24fps. Television, in America anyway, is presented at 29.97 frames per second. This is one of the reasons why, for example, the news looks different than, say, Iron Man or The Notebook, or The Sopranos or whatever. If you ask the tech nerds, 24fps is antiquated and horrible-looking. There has been a movement for a while now to start shooting films at 48fps-- the argument being that it would be much more realistic, and get rid of things like motion blur and whatnot...things that annoy film technicians...but things that movie lovers don't really have an issue with.

So Mr. Jackson has taken the bold step of shooting The Hobbit entirely in this new 48fps process. The reaction, however, has not been very positive. Many viewers of the 10 minute CinemaCon preview complained that the scenes that they saw looked like a soap opera. They said it looked uncinematic, and that the sets themselves looked fake and ridiculous. Basically, they're saying that The Hobbit looks like this:

It's kinda difficult from a computer screen to convey the look of something shot on video in the 70s, but that's basically what people took away from this "new technology". I have to say that saw this coming from a mile away. Now, I haven't seen any of this footage, and therefore I don't have a real opinion about the look...but I could speculate based on my experiences with film and video that footage shot at 48fps would NOT at all look like 24fps footage. Asking people to forget everything that they have come to expect from the look of film is a lot to ask. I can imagine it will be an incredible first. People may very well get swept up in the story enough to forget what it looks like. But I don't know. Considering how close minded people can be about things like this, I'm not sure if this will be success. One thing is certain-- when we go to see this film in December, it will NOT look like this:

Thursday, May 3, 2012

The 21st Century Racists Claim They Are Not Racists

Gone are the days when racist white folks proudly trumpeted their opinions, and owned up to them! Nowadays, the white racist denies his/her own racism! It's a nifty attempt at a trick that they've picked up from Republican politicians-- you see...all you have to do is deny the label someone has given you. You deny it, even if it's true-- especially in cases like this, when you couldn't possibly read their minds!

The most recent example of "the new racism" is from Patrick Lanzo, the owner of The Georgia Peach Oyster Bar. This gutless turd of a coward is brazen enough to plaster the word "nigger" on  the sign outside his bar-- and he's done this MANY times-- but when confronted about it, he pleads ignorance (which wouldn't be hard for someone like this).  Check out this news item from Fox News affiliate "My Fox" in Atlanta:

I'm just surprised that no one's just destroyed that thing. I'm sure now that it's been shown on television, someone will. Not that I agree with the destruction of someone's property. But he's right-- he had the right to put that sign up, regardless of how moronic he looks...and he DOES look moronic.

By the way, this is the home page of his website:

 I love how he misspells "original" not once, but TWICE (the red type in the top right corner moves around with the mouse). He clearly states that it's a "Klan" bar...and I'm actually surprised that he spelled THAT right! You've got to hand it to the racists...and when I say "it", I mean a diploma of some sort...because they're REALLY, really dumb.

You have to read this article about the bar from seven years ago. There's some GREAT STUFF to be found there, such as a quote from one of his waitresses:

[Theresa] Turner, an occasional waitress at the Georgia Peach, chirped, "We get the bikers and the Klan and the skinheads. They're different, not what you'd expect. The Klan guys, well, they're just ignorant. But the skinheads are very intellectual, which is a surprise at first. The bikers are the best. They tip a lot and they're fun."

"Intellectual" skin-heads, eh? You know, I knew a few skin heads in high school, and I can tell you..."intellectual" is NOT the word I would use to describe them. "Intelect-less"...THAT'S a good word (albeit made up...)! Then Lanzo makes a classic "non-racist" racist statement:
Lanzo contends he isn't racist. "If I am, then I'm racist against everybody, not just one group." He has supported gay rights -- while calling gays "queers," "fags" and "lickers."
Yeah-- gotta throw in the "fags", huh? Idiocracy, thy name is Patrick Lanzo.

Like the white folks in that video say, everyone has the right to their opinions. These are the same white folks that would absolutely cringe at some of the things that I've written on this and other blogs. That's the funny thing to me-- there are some white folks that complain about things that I write about. Some even call me a racist. I couldn't disagree more-- but not in the same way that this yokel would. The only thing that I do is point out the never-ending racial hypocrisy and inequality that exists in this country, and I speak of it in very blunt terms. And some cannot handle that...but they would look at this story, and say the same things that some of those folks in the video say..."It's a free country." "You can't do anything about what people think or believe." "You don't live there, so why do you care?"  It's all a helpless situation, until the microscope is put on you...THEN it's a problem.

Well, as long as it's a free country....I guess I'll be continuing to tell our stories. Like it or not...I just don't give a f*ck.

I'm just that kind of nigger.